Wyrdstone Egg

Published 27 August 2020


This is a Jurassic Park promotional egg, I guess it's from MacDonalds as well. I wanted to paint it as some crackling egg releasing some kind of foul energy. I had never painted anything like this before, so I thought that having such a large miniature to try would be perfect.


Applied a fair layer of modeling paste and sanded it to give it a smoother texture.


Priming it black.


My plan was to make this a stone egg, with some weird green light coming out of it. Now that I think of it, I don't know why it should be made of stone. I must confess I didn't really think this part through. It would have been more logical if it was colored more like a bird egg, or a weird color.


Second coat for more depth.


Now my plan is to paint the cracks as green light. I had never done this before but here is what I'll try to do. First paint the cracks with a deep green, then drybrush around the edges with a light green, repaint the center of the cracks with the same green, and unify this with a wash at the end.


First pass of green in the cracks.


Drybrush of light green around all the cracks.


Lightgreen inside the cracks

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