Shadow Elementals

Published 20 February 2020


Here are shadow elementals made out of various fire-themed HeroClix miniatures. I intend to use them whenever my players set foot in the Shadow Plane in my current campaign.


Here are the original miniatures. I tried to grab everything I had that had some flames on it.


This is the first test. After a black priming I tried a pruple dry brushing on the flames, followed by a lighter blue one. I fixed any mistakes with black, and applied some light gray drybrush to make the edges pop a bit more.


The test miniature worked great, so I started working on dry brushing all the others with purple. As you can see, I was pretty rough in my attempts and a lot went on the torsos as well. That's ok, I'll clean that later.


And with blue added. Once again, only a dry brush.

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