Zombicide Sewer Tiles

Published 26 December 2023


I kept going on the Zombicide Tiles, this time with the Sewer ones. In Zombicide: Green Horde, some tiles are covered with sewage. Movement is slower, and they are supposed to be lower in the ground than other tiles.


I used a fine layer of foam on top of my coaster. I then applied texture with a texture roller. As the foam was very thin, the roller manager to correctly imprint its texture.


I drybrushed some gray.


And added some colored ink on top, to give them some grit. I picked various beige, gray, brown and green and used two random colors on each tiles, for variety.


I then covered the edges with masking tape, and started pouring some silicone into them. I slightly tinted the silicone with green ink.


This came out great, but the edges were all slightly curved, so I had to level them back.


For an added layer of grimness, I added two drops of my original inks in top, and mixed them.

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